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Let Us Prey

Cast: Liam Cunningham
Pollyanna McIntosh
Bryan Larkin
Director:Director: Brian O'Malley. Writers: David Cairns
Fiona Watson. Producer: Eddie Dick
Brendan McCarthy
John McDonnell.

Average rating: 4

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Pollyanna McIntosh (THE WOMAN) stars as Rachel, a police officer on her first day of a new assignment in a rural Scottish village. What begins as a routine enough evening goes horribly wrong with the arrest of a mysterious, bearded stranger (Liam Cunningham GAME OF THRONES). Calm, poised and cool as ice, it becomes clear that there is more to this unusual guest than meets the eye. He knows things. Private things. Evil things. It’s not long before copper turns against copper, villager turns against villager and the police station becomes a blood-soaked battlefield with the very souls of its inhabitants at stake.

A dark, brooding supernatural shock-fest filled to bursting with deplorable acts of outrageous violence and gory carnage, LET US PREY is every sane person’s nightmare and every horror-fiend’s dream!

"A taut, beautifully shot horror-thriller" - Impact Nottingham

"There's plenty gore to keep horror fiends satisfied, yet enough intrigue and chuckles to appeal to a wider audience too." - Eye For Film

"Director Brian O’Malley lays on plenty of fun, with accomplished visual, audio and narrative John Carpenter nods" - The

"Polyanna McIntosh makes a likeable kick-ass action heroine." -

"Striking a perfect balance of suspense, violence, humour, story and action, Let Us Prey feels at once classic and modern; horror the way it was always supposed to have been made. You will not be disappointed." - Starburst Magazine
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