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Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion

Cast:Kristo Ferkic
Joanna Ferkic
Vijessna Ferkic
Director:Directed By: Cyrill Boss
Philipp Stennert
Time:91 mins

Average rating: 2.5

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Eleven year old Victor is both thrilled and mystified when his family moves into his grand-uncle's somber mansion filled with African masks, taxidermy crocodiles - and a dark secret: Four decades ago, his grand-cousin Cecilia, at the same age as he is now, lost her life, and the circumstances of her death still remain obscure. When Victor finds his deceased Aunt Cecilia's diary in a secret drawer behind her wax painting, it sends shivers down his spine. Contained within the diary's pages lies a series of puzzles that Victor suspects may uncover grisly truth about Cecilia's death.
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