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Charlie's Farm

Cast:Nathan Jones
Tara Reid
Kane Hodder
Director:Director: Chris Sun. Writer: Chris Sun. Producer: Dominic Crisci
Sean Gannon
Chris Sun.
Time:89 minutes

Average rating: 2.5

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A weird family of inbred killers meet their fate at the hands of a lynch mob, tired of their murderous reign of terror. The angry crowd eliminates the menace, leaving only a strange little boy named Charlie. Fast-forward several decades and a couple of blokes keen for a weekend of thrills lure their girlfriends to what they believe is the deserted homestead of the aforementioned killer clan. The hijinks soon turn to horror when it becomes apparent that Charlie still resides at the farm, and that he’s a little boy no longer – in fact he is now a seven foot, three hundred and seventy five pound behemoth of psychopathic muscle!

In the vein of iconic slasher films Friday the 13th, Halloween and Hatchet, CHARLIE’S FARM is simultaneously menacing, thrilling and fun – Get ready to bask in the glory of its gory magnificence! Starring Mad Max: Fury Road’s towering mountain of muscle, Nathan Jones with the likes of horror icons Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Kane Hodder (Jason X) and Tara Reid (Sharknado), CHARLIE’S FARM is an Aussie horror classic in the making!
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