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Cast:Dan Ellis
Nathan Dashwood
Wade Gib
Candice LE
Debbie Rochon
Special appearance by Lloyd Kaufman
Director:Director Ryan Nicholson. Writers: Ryan Nicholson
Patrick Coble. Producer: Ryan Nicholson.
Time:90 min

Average rating: 2.5

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Brought to the screen by the demented mind of writer/director Ryan Nicholson, HANGER bursts out as a gruesome horror tale where revenge is sweet and very, very sick! This story of vengeance and murder raises the bar in perverse action and macabre behaviour. Eighteen years ago, Rose, a down and out streetwalker, had her unborn child ripped from her by a sadistic pimp! Thrown into a dumpster while his mother died, the surviving child has grown up to become HANGER a one man wrecking crew with a taste for blood, bullets and unrelenting carnage.

The word is out, this deformed vigilante is taking aim at any street trash, lowlife or degenerate that lies between him and his mother's killer... criminals beware It's HANGER time!

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