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Dead End aka Hard Shoulder

Cast:Jamie Foreman
Wil Johnson
Jon Campling
Director:Director: Nicholas David Lean. Writer: Nicholas David Lean. Producer: Mark Booth
Nicholas David Lean
Gabrielle Lederman-Whyte.
Rating:MA 15+

Average rating: 2.5

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In the confines of a dank, grimy abandoned road-side diner, family man Carl Foster watches on as his loved ones are brutally tortured and humiliated by a disparate gang of disheveled, vagrant-like travellers. But is Carl really the ‘every man’ he appears to be? Or will the threat to his family turn him into something far, far worse…

With shades of Alex Chandon’s Inbred and Ben England’s The Kill List, DEAD END is a shockingly violent British chiller for those who like their horror hard-core!
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