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Starry Eyes

Cast: Alex Essoe
Amanda Fuller
Noah Segan
Director:Directors: Kevin Kolsch
Dennis Widmyer. Writers: Kevin Kolsch
Dennis Widmyer. Producer: Travis Stevens.

Average rating: 2.5

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From the producer of Cheap Thrills and Jodorowsky’s Dune, SXSW smash hit STARRY EYES is an occult tale of ambition, possession, and the true price of fame.

In the city of dreams, a desperate actress will put it all on the line for the role of a lifetime… no matter what the cost.

Determined to make it in Hollywood, aspiring actress Sarah Walker spends her days working a dead-end while going on countless casting calls in the hopes of finally catching her big break. After a series of strange auditions with a mysterious casting duo, Sarah finally lands the leading role in their newest film. Unfortunately for her, this coveted opportunity comes with bizarre ramifications which will leave Sarah transformed into something both beautiful and terrifying.
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