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Genres:Ozploitation, Found Footage
Cast:Iain P.F. McDonald
Kate Henderson
Steve Lynch
Libby Ashby
Director:Director Tanzeal Rahim. Writer: Tanzeal Rahim. Producer: Aisha Deeb
Daniel Littlepage
Tanzeal Rahim.
Time:75 minutes

Average rating: 3

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You want big thrills and chills? You’ll get em’ with MUIRHOUSE! The freaky tale of an author working on a routine publicity stunt in ‘Australia’s most haunted house’ when things go horribly wrong! Awarded the Roger Corman Award for ‘Best Foreign Feature’ at the Fright Night Film Festival, MUIRHOUSE is creepy to the core, what’s more, it’s based on true events — Awesome!

In 2007 Phillip Muirhouse began a promotional book tour on supernatural phenomena. As a publicity stunt he was to be filmed inside a local tourist trap, The Monte Cristo Homestead, known as ‘the most haunted house in Australia’. He spent one night in the house. The events, which took place, were recorded in real time on audio devices and night vision cameras. By morning three people were discovered dead. This is the footage…

At once a reaction against the Paranormal Activity series and a clever emulation of its best ideas, MUIRHOUSE makes it’s own mark as a fright flick and is one Hell of a debut for die hard horror fan Tanzeal Rahim.
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