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Genres:Horror Comedy
Cast:Richard Coyle
Ruth Bradley
Russell Tovey
Bronagh Gallagher
Director:Directed By Jon Wright
Written By Kevin Lehane
Cinematography By Trevor Forrest
Creature Effects By Shaune Harrison
Edited By Matt Platts-Mills
Rating:MA 15+
Time:90 minutes

Average rating: 5

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The Sundance smash hit has arrived What do you do when blood-sucking aliens invade your hometown? Kick arse What do you do if they're allergic to alcohol? Get pissed, then kick arse Only the Irish could dream up such a scenario. GRABBERS is 90 minutes of drunken shenanigans that will have you, literally, running to the bar Drink up OR DIE.

When the tiny Irish township of Erin Island is invaded by bloodthirsty aliens from deep space, all hope appears lost. Salvation appears with the discovery that the octopus-like aliens are terminally allergic to alcohol-tainted human blood and the local townsfolk decide that its time to get drunk and get even.

GRABBERS affectionately tips a tentacle to many creature feature traditions while raising a pint in the name of slime covered carnage and saturates you in both. A feckin' scary laff-fest to be sure.
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