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Nullarbor Nymph

Genres:Ozploitation, Horror Comedy
Cast:Douglas Feary
Paul Hayman
Jessica Sterling
Director:Director: Mathew J Wilkinson. Writer: Mathew J. Wilkinson. Producer: Mathew J. Wilkinson.
Rating:MA 15+
Time:67 minutes

Average rating: 5

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In the desert reaches of South Australia, a blonde nymph lies waiting to tempt men to their deaths. A myth surely, but for two Water Australia employees dispatched into the middle of nowhere, it’s hard to shake the ominous feeling that something out there – blonde, female, naked – might be hunting them.   The Nullarbor Nymph is an Aussie mockumentary of a very different sort. Raw, unexpected, it’s a confronting and chilling insight into the madness of men…. and a piss funny update to the outback Ozploitation genre.
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