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The Inside

Genres:Found Footage, Grindhouse
Cast:Karl Argue
Kellie Blaise
Siobhan Cullen
Director:Director Eoin Macken
Time:93 minutes

Average rating: 2.5

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You want a found footage film with genuine grunt? Look no further.
THE INSIDE is the most disturbing film we’ve seen in a long while. A
pack of teens in an abandoned building encounter evil beyond their
wildest imaginings. Direct from Film4 Fright Fest, this film will suck
the air right out of the cinema – bring a change of pants!


When a man (played by director Eoin Macken) purchases a camera from a
pawnshop he discovers horrific footage of a 21st birthday celebration
gone horribly wrong. Five girls out for a night of drunken shenanigans
break into an abandoned warehouse, their merriment soon vanishes when
they encounter three vagrants hell-bent on violence and mayhem. The
brutality of the vagrants awakens a dormant and malevolent force within
the building itself, a force that that no one, not victim nor
perpetrator, can fathom – or stop! Entombed in the labyrinth-like
building, each character is caught in a struggle against an evil entity
with a thirst for flesh and souls!

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