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Cast:Najarra Townsend
Jonas Goslow
David Coral
Christine Kellogg-Darrin
Daniel Jay Salmen
Director:Directed by Gregg Holtgrewe. Screenplay by Gregg Holtgrewe
Matthew Wilkins. Produced by Gregg Holtgrewe
Michael D. Howe
Brendan Reynolds.
Time:81 min
A/R:1.85 : 1

Average rating: 2.5

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Dawning follows brother and sister Chris and Aurora as they travel to visit their father and stepmom at the family cabin. As the first night unfolds with uncomfortable small talk and tension, tragedy strikes when the beloved family dog is found mortally wounded. Almost immediately, a crazed, blood-soaked stranger barges into the cabin and tells the family that he has come to save them...but from what?

Though their unwanted guest may just be a lone maniac, menacing noises outside suggest the presence of something far more freightening. It's not long before the family realizes a dark force is at play-one that wants them all dead by the dawning of the day. 
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