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The Desert

Cast:Victoria Almeida
Lautaro Delgado
Lucas Lagre
Director:Director: Christoph Behl. Writer: Christoph Behl. Producer: Christoph Behl
Nadia Martinez.
Lang:Spanish with English subtitles.

Average rating: 2.5

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Ana, Jonathan and Axel have survived the zombie apocalypse in a house they’ve fortified into a bunker. Jonathan and Ana are lovers, which leaves Axel stewing in his own unrequited juices. He keeps busy by tattooing flies on his body, Ana records video of herself talking about her past and the present, and Jonathan dares Axel into suicidal acts that may get them all to killed.

Returning from a scavenging expedition, Axel and Jonathan bring home a muzzled zombie, dubbed Pythagoras, who becomes in turn, a punching bag, an art piece, and a catalyst for the mental and emotional breakdown of the bunker’s once tight-knit population.

Simultaneously touching and disturbing, THE DESERT takes everything we know about the zombie genre and throws it out of the window, presenting instead a thought-provoking character study on the frailty of imposed intimacy.
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