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The Anniversary at Shallow Creek

Cast: Katharine Brandt
Annie Burgstede
Anthony Campanello
Director:Director: Jon D. Wagner Writers: Eric Fischer
Brianna Lee Johnson
Time:89 min

Average rating: 2.5

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When Sam and Paige decide to escape the stress of medical school for a romantic getaway in the mountains outside L.A., their four best friends end up tagging along and turning it into a weekend of partying. Little does the group know that their beautiful lodge has a dark history: exactly one year before, the house was the scene of a grisly double murder - and the killer was never caught. Now, as night falls and the group drinks beer by the bonfire, a predator hides in the darkness, watching them all through the crosshairs of a sniper rifle. In an instant, the friends' night of partying turns into a bloody fight for survival.
The Anniversary at Shallow Creek is a slick homage to horror classics and a clever update of the genre that never leads where the audience suspects. As the kill count rises, the remaing friends find themselves to be pawns in a horrifying game - one that promises to test their survival skills and the strength of their relationships.
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