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Dace Decklan: Private Eye

Genres:Horror Comedy , Ozploitation
Cast:Tom Vogel
Stevie Hall
Heath Novkovic
Suzy Markovski
Tom McCathie
Karl Beck
Aris Parente
Director:Written and Directed by Ivan Malekin. Produced by Ivan Malekin
Tom Vogel.
Rating:MA 15+
Time:73 mins

Average rating: 5

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Dace is on the case but the case is debased. In the jungles of Rambosia his former friend, Rados, has invented Viagra Tentigo but the little blue pills work a little too well.
Now, the Drug Cartel want the pills to take over the world, while a militant Christian Church want to destroy the pills and cleanse the world.
Only Dace can save Randos life, funny, since Dace was the one that destroyed Rados life all those years ago in the Rambosian Civil War... Fell the Irony!
Oozing with love and lust and a whole lot of blood, and full of animation, absurdity, and comic styled violence, plus the fun of fat people sex, Dace Deckland: Private Eye is an out of control, politically incorrect romp.
Uncensored. Unrestrained. Unleashed.
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