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Dead Man's Luck

Cast:Paul Burke
Paula Davis
Anastasia Bondarenko
Director:Directed by Max Perrier. Screenplay by James Chancellor
Danek S. Kaus. Produced by Valerie Gagnon
Max Perrier.
Time:100 mins

Average rating: 2.5

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An innocent man becomes the killer everyone wants him to be, when he is forced to take a huge gamble with his freedom. When down-on-his-luck Sam Bailey takes a wrong turn on a remote country road, he becomes entangled in a murder and a triangle of deceit. He is tricked by a miserable farmer s wife, hungry for her husband's life insurance. And when Sam's own wife discovers their deadly secret, she ups the ante with her own sinister double-crossing plot. 

Dead Man's Luck is the story of a desperate man's gamble to save his own skin as he is played by two highly manipulative and determined women.
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