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Across The River

Cast:Renzo Gariup
Marco Marchese
Lidia Zabrieszach
Director:Director: Lorenzo Bianchini. Writers: Lorenzo Bianchini
Michela Bianchini. Producer: Omar Soffici
Rating:MA 15+
Lang:Italian with English Subtitles

Average rating: 2.5

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With the tension ratcheted up to uncomfortable levels right from the very first frame, Lorenzo Bianchini’s ACROSS THE RIVER is a supernatural nightmare guaranteed to make you squirm on the edge of your seat!

When wildlife researcher Marco Contrada becomes trapped in a shambling, abandoned village deep in the Italian countryside, his presence unleashes a horrifying evil. An evil that would like nothing better than to see Marco’s guts lying in pool by his feet… once its had its fun, of course…
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