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Fresh Meat

Genres:Horror Comedy
Cast:Temuera Morrison
Kate Elliot
Hanna Tevita
Director:Directed By Danny Mulheron
Screenplay By Briar Grace Smith
Produced By Dave Gibson
Cinematography By Simon Baumfield
Editing By Paul Sutorius
Special Effect By Sven Harens
Rating:MA 15+
Time:88 minutes

Average rating: 2.5

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The best horror film to come out of New Zealand since Brain Dead, FRESH MEAT is a cannibal lover's Fèast de Résistance filled with sexy gangsters wielding shotguns, a lesbian schoolgirl with a shower fetish, and a family of traditional Maori flesh-eaters looking for a pre-dinner snack.

On the run after a botched prison break, Gigi, Johnny, Ritchie and Paulie need a place to lay low, and they need it fast! Picking the home of the Crane family, deep in the heart of suburbia, the gangsters believe they have found the perfect place to ride out the manhunt. However, it soon becomes clear that this particular family has re-introduced some very old-fashioned cuisine to their table and the menu selection just got bigger. Will Gigi and the gang manage to elude the police and survive the night – or will there be 'no-good-cheap-punk' in the casserole tonight?

A gruesomely funny, no-holds-barred horror comedy with style to burn, FRESH MEAT is guaranteed to arouse your appetite, then will leave you hungry for more.

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