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Cast:Alastair Kirton - Colin
Daisy Aitkens - Linda
Leanne Pammen - Laura
Tat Whalley - Marlen
Director:Director Marc Price
Screenwriter Marc Price
Make-Up Designer Michelle Webb
Additonal Effects Leigh Grocombe
Music Dan Weeks and Jack Elphik
Rating:MA 15+
Time:97 minutes

Average rating: 2.5

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Imagine a world sinking into the abyss of a zombie nightmare. The dead devour the living - the streets rage with chaos, fear and death.
This is the world of Colin, a twenty-something who dies during a cadaverous apocalypse only to rise moments later craving the flesh of the living.
As Colin wanders the streets of a rapidly unravelling suburbia, we learn who he was in life, but more pertinently, who he has now become in living death. 

This is life as told through the eyes of the flesh eating dead - this is a film like never before.
Voted 21st in the Entertainment Weekly's list of the 25 greatest zombie films of all time.

COLIN has shocked and stunned audiences across the globe and like Romero's masterpieces of yore, has redefined the genre.
Enter the world of the living dead - Enter the world of COLIN!
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