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Strigoi : The Undead

Genres:Zombie, Horror Comedy , Vampire
Cast:Catalin Paraschiv
Camelia Maxim
Constantin Barbulescu
Director:Directed By Faye Jackson
Written By Faye Jackson
Rating:MA 15+
Time:75 minutes

Average rating: 2.5

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The Waking Ned Devine of horror films, Strigoi is a deliciously quirky horror comedy about Romanian peasants dealing with a vampire outbreak.
When Vlad returns home to his local village, after some time away at college, he discovers all is not quite right. Constantin, the wealthy local landowner is supposedly dead, but then why is he up at night stalking the neighborhood, and what does need all those pickles for?
Funny, full of eccentric rural characters and beautifully shot, Strigoi is an offbeat vampire movie one could easily imagine being made by the Coen Brothers.
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