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Summer of Blood

Genres:Horror Comedy
Cast:Onur Turkel
Anna Margaret Hollyman
Dakota Goldhor
Melanie Zisk
Juliette Fairley
Jason Selvig
Director:WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Onur Turkel. PRODUCED BY: Melanie Zisk
Max Heller
Clifford McCurdy. CINEMATOGRAPHY BY: Jason Banker
Rating:MA 15+

Average rating: 2.5

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Lousy lover and egocentric Eric Sparrow is dumped by his girlfriend after rejecting her marriage proposal. One night, he runs into a vampire in an alleyway. When he wakes up from the darkness, he finds himself changed forever. He’s stronger, more confident and free to do whatever he wants. Dating is a synch. He’s a lothario, a sexual dynamo; able to seduce any women he wants without even trying. Finally, he’s free and unshackled with not a care in the world. Except for one little thing, the excruciating stomach pains. 

There’s only one remedy for that… BLOOD!
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