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Disco Exorcist

Genres:Horror Comedy
Cast:Michael Reed
Sarah Nicklin
Ruth Suliven
Alexander Lewis
Director:Directed By Richard Griffin
Written By Tony Nunes and Ted Geoghegan
Produced By Ted Marr
Cinematrography By J. Poisson
Edited By Richard Griffin and Sarah Nicklin.
Time:95 minutes

Average rating: 2.5

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The most talked about retro horror film of the year! From the makers of Nun of That comes a blood, boobs and bellbottom-soaked tribute to classic sleaze.
After working his way through most of the disco mamas this side of the 70's, Rex Romanski finally loves and leaves the wrong women in Rita Marie. A Satanic High Priestess, Rita doesn't take kindly to being dumped and, using her devilish supernatural powers, embarks on a homicidal killing spree that will only end once Rex's head (and his man-parts) have been hand-delivered to The Devil himself! Has Rex finally come up against a problem he can't screw his way out of? Or will he find the disco-balls needed to defeat Rita Marie, and save the soul of his new lady love - now a possessed psycho-killer controlled by Satan - in the process? 

Get down 'all the way to Hell' with THE DISCO EXORCIST a salacious horror-comedy filled with supernatural sex (so, so much sex), demonic black magic and some of the best dance moves this side of Saturday Night Fever!
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