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Cast:Caroline Haines
Laura Evans
Rachel Waters
Director:Director: Catherine Taylor Writer: Julianne White (screenplay)
Time:80 min

Average rating: 2.5

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Catherine Taylor's seductive and tantalizing vampire tale unleashes an onslaught of bloody killings, sexual excess and vampric desire set against a lush, colorful London night life of swinging singles and nocturnal predators.
Beautiful, young professional Isabel (Caroline Haines) is out on the town with friends. One too many is the least of her problems when she is saved from the clutches of a serial rapist by a centuries-old, ruthless but gorgeous vampire, Aurelie (Rachel Waters) - but at what cfost. Now under Aurelie's spell and with an intensifying taste for blood, Isabel has only 48 hours to decide whether to give in to her lustful and crimson cravings or end it all before it's too late. Temptation brings a fresh and new look to the vampire genre with atmosphere, sensuality and filmmaking bravado.
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