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Ninjas vs Vampires

Genres:Action, Horror Comedy
Cast:Daniel Ross
Jay Saunders
Cory Okouchi
Devon Marie Burt
Carla Okouchi
Director:Director: Justin Timpane. Writer: Justin Timpane. Producer: Liz Burgess
Michael Mead.
Time:89 mins

Average rating: 2.5

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When Ninjas fight Vampires for the fate of the world... who s going to win?
Aaron is rejected by Alex, the girl he s in love with. He thinks life couldn't get any worse... that is, until they re both attacked by Vampires. Desperate to save Alex, Aaron seeks help from the mysterious Ninjas, who wage a nightly war against evil forces.
As the Vampires plot to destroy mankind, Aaron has only one choice... join the Ninjas, save the world and get his girl... or, at least, die trying.
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