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Big Ass Spider!

Cast:Greg Grunberg (Heroes)
Ray Wise (Reaper)
Clare Kramer (Buffy)
Lombardo Boyar
Patrick Bauchau (The Pretender)
Director:Directed By Mike Mendez
Written By Gregory Gieras
Produced By Patrick Ewald
Produced By Shaked Berenson
Produced By Klaus Von Sayn-Wittgenstein
Production Design By Sxv'leithan Essex
Rating:MA 15+
Time:81 minutes

Average rating: 2.5

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Since premiering at SXSW, BIG ASS SPIDER has crawled around the
festival circuit, trapping victims into its web of hilarity. A loving
b-movie celebration, this is not one of your "so-bad-it's-good" cheese
fests, this is just seriously good and seriously funny.

When a bio-engineered alien spider escapes from a military base, it
isn't long before the entire city of Los Angeles is under attack from
the fast moving, rapidly-growing, venom-spewing arachnid!

With the military hopelessly outclassed, it's up to local
exterminator, Alex (Greg Grunberg), and his security guard sidekick,
Jose, to take this giant bug down. Armed with rifles, shotguns, and a
rocket launcher, the pair of unlikely heroes set out to save the world
and squash the BIG ASS SPIDER once and for all!

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