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The 7th Hunt

Cast: Imogen Bailey
Jason Stojanovski
Matthew Charleston
Director:Written and Directed: Jon Cohen
Time:90 min

Average rating: 2.5

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The victims of the 7th hunt never knew that they were being stalked, photographed and profiled. How could they have known that files were built on their eligibility - to die?! For the gothic Callie, her deaf sister Arie, the beautiful Sarah, nerd Chris and misogynist Ricky; their evening plans are about to be rewritten. They are about to discover who they really are. Kidnapped and taken to an abandoned military training school, they find themselves the targets of five sadists, each with their own style of killing: the Knife, the Inquisitor, the Hand, the Sniper and the Hacker. They fight for their lives against these vicious sociopaths, becoming increasingly outnumbered as their friends are killed off... one by one. 

The 7th Hunt serves up a classic terror in the tradition of Saw and Hostel - shot in the style of Sin City.
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